Coaching Skills for Sales Leaders​

Coaching Skills for Sales Leaders​

The most effective route to improving performance is through coaching; it promotes thinking, decision-making, and enhances learning. It empowers the individual.

To coach effectively requires questioning and listening skills in conjunction with a process or flow to having conversations. This program provides the process and the skills, along with a reliable methodology for working with individuals; over the medium term, it can transform the performance of a team.


  • To help organisations engage their accounts at a more strategic level.
  • Know what coaching is (and is not) in relation to other development approaches
  • Grasp the principles behind coaching, what gets in our way, and how it makes a difference
  • Learn the key skills needed to be a successful coach
  • Have the confidence to put the processes and skills into use immediately

Content Will Include

  • What’s Coaching?
  • Approaches to development
  • A Coaching process
  • Asking simple questions
  • The art of listening with full attention
  • Preparing for the conversation
  • Our direct report, what they think, and what we believe
  • Demonstration; practice coaching
  • Reflection, a summary of learning and personal planning.